Sweeney's Good Stuff (Defunct)


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Project overview

This was a personal project developing a business site for my mother's business that I provide all techincal services for. This was one of my most ambitious projects as it included developing a business structure, branding and materials, and intuitive ecommerce site all from scratch. The biggest challenge was to create a fluid experience across devices as well as extensive testing of payment processing and shipping calculation scripts.

Other details I saw to personally included the posing and taking of product images and ensuring SSL implentation and GDPR compliance.

I am very happy with the current product, but we are already planning for expansion. We have in the works integrated drop shipping of retail products as well as the development of mobile applications to streamline the experience. I will be updating this page as the project develops.

Project Details

  • Client

    Kelly Sweeney

  • Organization

    Sweeney's Good Stuff

  • Type

    Web Design, Ecommerce, Graphic Design, Branding, Business Formation

  • Date

    May 2018-December 2018

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