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Project overview

This was during my time employed at this computer as a Network Engineer Apprentice. It inolved the management and updating of the site as well as a full website migration to a new webhost and server. This provided its own unique challenge as the webhost it had been on had very little functionality that users other than the system admin were authorized to use. Also there was no GUI installed such as cPanel. Direct FTP access would not transfer database data which WordPress installations are dependent on and access to the database was not possible.

The solution I found was to use a third party backup WordPress plugin and run a full backup of all files and the database. This saved a file that I was able to access via FTP and move to the new webhost. At this point it was simply installing the same backup plugin and performing a full restore. A solution that saved a lot of headache with minimal downtime.

Project Details

  • Client

    Brian Gregory

  • Organization

    Network Innovations

  • Type


  • Date

    July 2017-May 2018

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